Creating a Start Menu Shortcut

KanbanSim and ScrumSim takes a non-install approach to deployment. This has the advantage of not needing administrative access to run our software and easy removal (delete the folder), but the drawback is there is no shortcut on the Taskbar or the Start menu unless you create one. This article takes you through the steps to create a shortcut for your machine.

1. Open a File Explorer window by right-Clicking on the Start menu icon and choosing "Open Windows Explorer" (on Windows 7, other versions may vary)

2. Navigate to the folder that you un-compressed (un-zipped) the deployment zip file into. It is the folder with the file "FocusedObjectiveKanbanAndScrumSim.exe" file

3. Right-Click on the "FocusedObjectiveKanbanAndScrumSim.exe" file to open the context menu then click either "Pin to Start Menu" or "Pin to Taskbar" depending on where you want the shortcut to be placed.


If you remove KanbanSim and ScrumSim by deleting this folder, the Taskbar and Start Menu shortcut will also have to be deleted by hand.



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