Simplest Kanban Board

<simulation name="Simplest Board" >

  <example>This example shows the simplest Kanban board with work flowing from left to right.
See the Kanban 101 document on the resources ribbon tab for exercises and tutorials.</example>

  <execute dateFormat="dd-MMM-yyyy" >
    <visual />
      <!-- start by putting 50 items into the backlog -->
      <backlog type="simple" simpleCount="50" />
     <!-- defined three columns -->
        <column id="1" estimateLowBound="1" estimateHighBound="3" wipLimit="2">Design</column>
        <column id="2" estimateLowBound="2" estimateHighBound="4" wipLimit="4" displayWidth="2">Development</column         <column id="3" estimateLowBound="1" estimateHighBound="3" wipLimit="2">Test</column>
    <forecastDate startDate="01-May-2012" costPerDay="2500" />


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