KanbanSim and ScrumSim v1.1 Release Notes

Changes From R1.0 to R1.1

- ScrumSim and KanbanSim now shipped in the same application.

- New Statistics simulation window. Allows for reverse engineering data and testing of distributions.

- Many more example files added for Kanban and Scrum project styles.

- Improved international support. Language, date and number formats are now defined in the SimML file to allow sharing.

     <simulation name="..." locale="en-US">

     See: for a full list.
     Common examples: en-US (us english), en-GB (UK english), de-DE (german), sv-SE (swedish)...

- Added warnings tab and last results XML tab to the Source view.

- Numerous performance enhancements. Specifically the Forecast Date simulation now 10x faster.

- New attribute for the <execute> section. 'returnResults="[pipe delimited list of values to return]"'
   This setting allows control over what statistics are calculated and captured for charting,
   allowing performance tuning on simulations that don't require all the information.

- Added new distributions types: custom and customRange

- XML results now return an '<distribution ...' section for every result allowing that distribution pattern to be replayed
   in other simulations. This feature will be documented further shortly. For example -

<pointsAllocatedPerIteration ...>
<distribution name="dist1" numberType="double" shape="custom" parameters="6.533|0.1|...|20.499|0.1" />

- Scrum specific enhancements:

- Backlog ordering and sorting (deliverables, class of service and custom backlogs)
- Class of Service definitions for backlog entries
- Date and delivered value display in the Scrum viaual board display
- Progress reporting and cancellation support
- Scrum HTML report templates updated

Bug fixes

- The cardMove attribute for the '<defect ...' sections wasn't being written out properly from a loaded SimML file. This
meant this attribute was ignored during simulation.

- Crash on machines using number formats with , as the decimal separator on SimML example files built with . as the
decimal separator. Culture now specified in the SimML file to allow a SimML file to be transportable across cultures.
Added culture string to all shipped examples.

- Ordering of cards and stories was ignoring Class of Service priorities.

- LeanKit importer would only show the first board rather than all boards for an account.

- Histogram groups would skip any entries with zero count. This is incorrect behavior when charting a histogram using
ranges of values rather than explicit values. Zero entries are now inserted for histogram ranges without any samples.


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